Instagram life update

Okay some of those aren't actually on Instagram... But they are on my camera roll, that counts right? Okay cool.

If you didn't notice, I have... one could say, an addiction love-affair with hot chocolate. I drink it all year round. Fo shizzle.

My pumpkin Prince Phillip

stalking Tyler Ward's youtube

Oh these boys. I love them dearly

I think I have a problem.. I find these hilarious!

Dress: Romy Belt: Tea's Cardi: Target Cami: Target 

College for me and work for Tea is kind of crazy. Especially since MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED and I was in New York for a week in the Buffalo area (there seemed to be a huge lack of attractive males in Buffalo... Is this normal for that area??? I'd like to think not...)

Well, have a happy rest of your day!

xoxo Kay

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