Errybody Jump!

We participated in a kidnapping this past Wednesday.
And by "participated in," 
we mean "planned and carried out the whole operation."
It was, however, in the name of fun, so our hostages weren't too upset
(though they weren't so keen on the blindfolds)

Phase 1: Tea has a Cute Boy come over to her house and they talk about things like his day at work and the importance of liking the beach. Meanwhile, Kay finishes school and drives over to Tea's house to pick them up.
Phase 2: Kay, Tea, and Cute Boy, pick up Cute Boy #2 from his house. Cute Boys are then blindfolded with awesome bandanas from Tea's childhood.
Phase 3: Kay and Tea giggle and sing along to the radio while the Cute Boys try and figure out where they're going. IMPORTANT: It is essential at this phase to drive around some roundabouts a  couple times to throw them off the scent.
Phase 4: Kay and Tea get a little lost
Phase 5: They all arrive and the Cute Boys take off their blindfolds to... A warehouse. Full of bouncing castles and tiny children.
Phase 6: Kay, Tea, and the Cute Boys spend their time bouncing, sliding, racing, Twister-ing, and making friends with some 3-year-olds. The date then continues to a picnic in the park (Fried Chicken and Jones soda. Heaven.) Playing on a playground. Looking at puppies and kittens in the pet store. Buying/Eating chocolate and FINALLY, a lovely walk across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

It was like being kids again... But better :)
Good thing we know boys that are just as silly as we are
(And we hope for more adventures with them soon)

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