"You're Killing me Smalls" you said to us.

We are horrible bloggers. 
Seriously. We could be doing so much better.
We'll start to blog about normal things soon. 
But, in the mean time, our friend Chile (who is the cutest girl ever!) has blogged about a few things we've done.
Go check her out? 
(here, here, and oh, here)

Our lives lately have been filled with fall shopping, boys, YSA(*), lipstick, hanging out, and not being ready for school in a week. (Tea doesn't leave me till January for New York)

We will get some clothing posts, fall posts and the such and fill you in on our funny lives. 

Oh, have you noticed our love of affection lately?
Tea's post about Face kissing, mine about cuddling
We wish ;)

Speaking of cute things go look here. RIGHT NOW. I cried a little actually it is so stinkin' sweet. Here is a preview:
this photo is obviously not ours.
Anywho, have a cute day :)

Xx Kay

* we have something up our sleeves we will announce soon. You should be excited. ;)

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