The Boys Are Back in Town

Jokes, just me. I'm back from NYC, which is a little bittersweet :)
Since I'm home, I can FINALLY show you that style post I promised.
Kay and I decided to do a little "Dress it up/Play it down" type thing...
And I kind of failed. But Kay was pretty as ever, so there you go!
I've missed our style posts (especially our awkward faces)

The photos in the middle are to illustrate my lack of braces (woop woop)
Also, that last one is showing that my bestfriend is a model.
Why she hasn't been discovered yet, I will never know...
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The deets:
Kay - Shirt: H&M Jeans: F21 Skirt: Target Both Shoes: Target
Tea - Shirt and Jeans: H&M Saltwater Sandals: Soel Boutique Skirt: Thrifted Heels: Target


  1. Love this dress down/up post idea!! Very cute!!