(note: the 'so' in the title with the ellipses is meant to be drawn out I just didn't want to type out that many ohs ;) )

We have a blog post in the works, a DIY Kay never finished and a large lack of clothing posts... This week, Kay is going to EFY for the second and last time in her youth and Tea is going to a delightful 4th of July party ( that Kay wants to go to but she'll be at efy) so maybe you'll hear all about it... Maybe ;)

In other news: Tea got a job at a local cupcake shop, Kay is still unemployed... Anyone need a summer nanny? And has yet applied for the local community college where she's getting her associates degree... Tea is going to get a scholarship at this cool school in New York that she isn't going to till spring, yay money slash sticking around with me :)

And last but not in the least bit least: Tea is great. I love her so stinkin much! She is such a fab. idea comer upper and I have no idea how she does it. She is also just a wiz at life really!

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