Efy preview

Fairly soon (once "ma" uploads the pictures) I will show y'all my efy week :) until then here is a happy note in the shape of a heart I received (and I'm purty sure it was from my cow... Who I may or may not reveal unto you ;)
I thought it was cute. So I instagramed it :D

What it says: I think you have very pretty eyes and I'm so glad I got to know you this week (open for more)
I mean come on girl, a guy could get lost in those eyes if stared ;)It thoroughly makes me happy inside.Night all :)


  1. so adorable :) did you find the most amazing guy ever?! ahhhhh so jealous!

    efy is the best, hope you had fun!

    p.s. I'm one of taylor's friends... and ironically, yes, my name is taylor, hahaha

    1. Naw thanks sweet girl!

      Haha He's pretty great! Unfortunately all the boys were younger except one but we didn't talk much :/ but that's okay, right? ;)

      It's nice to meet ya Taylor!


  2. Oh man. The days of eft cows!!! Miss them!!! I swear, my first efy I thought I was going to marry my cow. Oh good times.

  3. This may be the cutest thing ever, and so incredibly true because you are BEA-utiful :)

  4. What's an efy cow? I've never been to efy, but I want to go next year. :)

  5. Well miss Kayleen,
    COW Stands for Crush Of the Week!
    I hope you get to go! EFY has strengthened my testimony so much and you gain some of the best friends!
    XX kay (: