We can't help ourselves

Sometimes, we're just really cute.
And sometimes, we kiss trees.

Today has been such a good day!
I was running SUPER late this morning for Grad practice 
(as in, Kay came to pick me up as I was getting out of the shower.)  
But she was a wonderful bestfriend and waited/helped me iron something I didn't end up wearing! She's a keeper, obviously.
Grad practice was long and boring, with obnoxious boys behind us, but we used the time to play solitaire and plan snacks to sneak in under our robes ;)
Then afterwards we treated ourselves to french fries while people watching & listening to music from our angsty tween years (aka Jesse McCartney and Fall Out Boy) 
To top it all off, the sun was out!
A day well spent, no?
Then I came home and found this....
A pie! For me! Brought over by my friend made by his lovely mother :)
I literally jumped up and down. Best day ever.

Hope yours was as good as ours!

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