The things I said

Tea (circa 2008 & 2009 respectively)
Today I was handed back letters from my Freshman and Sophomore years that I wrote to myself in a mandatory (and pointless) class we had called Advisory. 
I was so silly.
And my writing was ugly.
But what struck me the most is that I talked about people that I don't really spend time with anymore.
And I didn't even think to mention others that are so important to me now.
Funny how things change, you know?
Also, that week my little freshman self was having a test on Binomial Nomenclature and Taxonomic Levels in AP Environmental Science.
And I quote:
"I hope I can still remember all that stuff by the time I read this coz(sic) I wasted a lot of time on it!"
Well.... I don't. Sorry to let you down.

In other news:
T minus 1 day until Tea is 18.
T minus 3 days until Kay is 18.
T minus 4 days until seminary ends.
T minus 7 (school) days until we finish high school.
T minus 12 days until we graduate.
Let's do this.

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