C'est la vie

I wish I spoke French.... But I don't.
Though once upon a time I went to visit my twin/cousin in her beautiful city, Paris.
One of the days we were there, I went with my mum & Aunt to the supermarket.
It was close to Christmas, so they had the usual volunteers outside collecting donations etc. but my Aunt is one of those women who is always on a mission, so we just hurried inside. 
I decided to look around a little bit and found myself in the cereal aisle. 
That's where it happened. 
A beautiful french boy wearing one of the volunteer vests walked right up to me and started speaking in rapid french, a large smile on his face. 
And I just stared, because (as stated above) I don't speak French.
I was finally able to stutter out a "Ummm... parlez... vous...  anglais...?"
It was his turn to stare at me (with a mixed expression of confusion and concern)
AND THEN HE JUST WALKED AWAY. I was heartbroken. The End.

The purpose of this post, however, was not to show you that I am forever alone.
It was to show you these artists. I think things just sound better in French, you know?


  1. Hands down favorite story. I love it every time you tell it! <3 Let's go to Paris Taylie!

  2. don't worry, I can help you with your french ;)