A blog version of the "The Floor is Lava" game

You have 30 seconds to read the following recap of the events that occurred between 8am Saturday morning and 8am Sunday (the 16th and 17th respectively)
Why 30 seconds, you ask?
It's way more fun with a time limit.
Just pretend this post will self destruct ;)

Big family breakfast. A friend's baptism in the Puget Sound. Showers. Hair and Face Maintenance. Red Converse. White Dresses. Bad Traffic. Lost Tassel. New ($5) Tassel. Cap/Hair debacles. Lining Up. "Up All Night." Nerves. Butterflies. Back of the line. Not enough seats. Story books read during a speech. Musical Performances. "Number 1: Be a good person. Number 2: Do your work." Hilarious references. Standing. Names called. Shaking hands (both varieties.) Waiting for each other. Dancing down the stairs and back to our seats. Tassels moved. Caps thrown. Linked arms. Outside. Muggy. A mess of caps and gowns and hot hugs and laughing and cameras and smiles and finding friends and finding family. Wishing good luck to my friends from the other school. Home. Pick stuff up. Leave. Forget things. Hawaiian themed party at Scotty's . Cards. More hugs. Food. Food. Food. Baby pics. More photos. Clean up. Jumping off the bridge. Jumping the car. Got changed. Source Code at Bee's. Candy. Popcorn. Cookies. Silliness. Tiredness. Blankets. Couches. Cuddle Puddles. Chuckle-blushes. Remember the Titans. Breakfast at Tan's. Video Games. Trying to sleep. Failing. Sun comes up. Swings at the elementary school. Four Square. Home at 5:30am (with no sleep.) Sleep. Wake up at 8am. Big family breakfast.

(photo taken by Kay's dad)

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