Dreams of a Transcendentalist

I got my senior pictures done today at a local park on the water, and I decided to stick around so I put on my rain boots and waded in the water.

I walked out till right before water engulfed my boots and watched the world at my toes swirl and toss and turn. I look out at the expanse of water around me and I feel alive and at peace with myself. There are really no other words to describe what I felt while I took in the salty air.

I felt one with the water. -- I know how cheesy that sounds, but its how I felt.

I contemplated this, feeling alone, yet not with two cute ladies looking around the beach for colored shells, not caring if they thought I was crazy.

It was beautiful. There are few other places where I can feel like this... and I'm glad I had the opportunity to feel this today.

Have a lovely day

xx Kay

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