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A real blog post. 
Shocking, I know.... Moving on.

Remember back here when I recommended Water for Elephants?
Well, I never posted what I thought of the book, so here it goes:
I liked the movie better.
No-one was more shocked than me. I love books. Granted, I love movies too, and I try not to compare the two because they're such different ways of telling a story, but it's true.
I just felt the character development made me connect more. Plus it was a lot cleaner (muy bueno)

However, I am not here today to write about a book that disappointed. I'm here to write about a book that literally blew my mind. Guys, I was a mess. May I present:
 I seriously read this in 4 hours and (Spoiler Alert) I probably cried for 1.5 of those hours.
And that is all I have to say on the subject. Please read :)

(This message has been brought to you by the 5 Elephants Society for Making the World a Well Read Place)

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