"Remember who you are and that you are my Son, the future King"

^ That is a quote from the Lion King. Pretttttty Great. 
(i meant to post this a week ago... just sayin.)

So, this will be a jumble of things going on in life. Like lovely Tea said, I have quite the obnoxious cold where my nose dose not understand the concept of an off switch. But other than that, I babysat yesterday. Not once, but twice! For two families in my ward that I absolutely  love. First, was at 8:30 in ze morning until about 4. This family is doing foster care stuff, so they are two really cute kids with them right now that I adore. First is Reese. She is the cutest baby in the world... other than the fact that she spit up every ten minutes. The other is Victor (you kind of have to say that name in whatever forgein accent you can muster up) who is somewhere between 2 & 4. He kissed me on the cheek. I'm a little bit smitten. (:
Then I babysat at 6. It was fun. We played twister. I thought my pants were going to rip. We watched the Lion King and had a blast. 

Uhm, remember this post?

I FINISHED THE HUNGER GAMES! Oh my. words cannot even attempt to describe how I felt. I cried. A lot. And LOVED IT. 
If anyone has read it wants to, you can send me an email(kay.tea.5elephants@gmail.com) and we can disscus the book and you can tell me what you thought of the ending. (which I loved). 

As you probs. already know, I'm obsessesd. (I don't remember how to spell and am too lazy to type the word into dictionary.com or pull out an actual-hardcopy-dictionary (wait, whats that?).

Also. Downton Abby. Go. Watch. Cry. Love. Eat. (meaning eat food while doing the before mentioned verbs.)

Love you all, going to call tea and watch Sense and Sensibility.

xx Kay

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