Lady-like things to do

Today shall be a lady like kind of day. Here is a list of 10 Lady-like things to do.

1. Wear a dress
2. Wear lipstick
3. Wear Pearls in any way your heart desires
4.Write letters
5. shave your legs. (I hate doing this... but it is good for me.. (; )
6. have cleanly painted nails
7. sit like this (skip to 5:17)
8. Listen to David Archuleta & Coldplay (actually, I just love them... you don't HAVE to)
9. Watch Jane Austen Movies (Sense & Sensibility is a good one)
10. Have a tea party with your favorite person who's name is Tea (:

Now. I did all this but the tea didn't happen until thursday morning. In my jammies. on the counter...