What makes you different?

In honor of MLK Day, at school we did this thing with "chalkboards"
(pieces of paper we hung around our necks)
On one side, you were supposed to write something that makes you feel different.
On the other, you wrote why you felt confident about your difference.
Now we're not the type to shove our religion down people's throats.
We believe what we believe, and we totally respect if you don't agree or believe something else.
But we're also not the type to keep quiet when someone asks.
So here's what we wrote :)

"Something that makes me feel different or apart from everyone else is... I'm a Mormon"
"Why I feel confident about my difference... I know who I am and what I believe. I'm a daughter of God and that's all the confidence I need"

It was so interesting to see all the things people wrote and how diverse our school body really is.
I think it's majorly important to be proud of your differences. 
It's what makes you, you! 
So thankyou, Martin Luther Kind Jr, for teaching us that :)

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