We have a not so secret-secret

There is this one blog, that Tea and I especially love {to stalk}. And we will share and wanted to say a little thing to her (:
Look how cute they are!! (source)
We love the blog He and I. And were so excited when she announced the big news about her little family! We enjoyed looking at her old blog (that apparently crashed or some other shenanigans) and seeing how her and her hubs met and her little adventures that we totally wish we could have. 
They are pretty much the cutest of the cute (:

So, Alexa, we would like to say congratulations and we are so stinkin' excited for you!

We hope this new adventure will be a fun one, and that blessings will continue to come your way. (:

Xx Tea&Kay

P.s. where in the world did you get your princess waffle iron????     
P.p.s. as soon as we saw your post, we totally freaked out and started calling the bub a Zurchling sooooo... we're glad you did too ;)

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh.
    You guys are so. dang. cute.
    And oh so sweet.
    We are so excited for little zurchling.
    Oh I love you guys.

    P.s. princess waffle maker is from amazon :)