We didn't take outfit pictures again today, so here are some cute otters:

Did you know otters fall asleep holding hands so they don't drift apart?? Adorbs.

-Falling on people from your exercise ball during Pilates
-Hitting people with said exercise ball
-Pretending to do v-ups
-Your legs/shoulders still hurting from Zumba two days ago. We're obvs very fit....
-Hugs. (These awkward hugs are pretttty awesome too (; ) 
-The fact we remembered today we haven't done these in forever
-Falling asleep due to a headache and waking up to find I (Tea) had Facebooked Kay and said we couldn't hang out? weird.
- Telling a story about a friend during a speech and forgetting to ask if it was okay (still really sorry about this!)
-Being introduced to new people and forgetting my own name... definitely happened more than once this week

~ Chuckle-Blushes & Giggle-Blushes. You guys have NO IDEA. (Maybe I'll talk about this later...)
~ Breakfast/Dance Parties
~ Nail Buffers (I think it's what my mum has...) They make your nails shiny and smooth (:
~ Getting your homework done on-time.
~ Doing your nails
~ Having your teacher laugh at you for sleeping in THEIR class (this is also awkward, but I'm just glad I didn't get in trouble)
~ Instagram. I think I'm addicted... and I don't even have an ipod touch/iphone
~ Random happy texts. I'm always getting things about youth committee or helping people or homework ect., so it's always amazing to get one that doesn't ask me to do anything, just says something nice :)
~ Tours of the food bank ending with Jamba Juice
~ Deciding everything is a fruit. Even people.
~ Couple stalking.
~ Cinderella Man. I've definitely teared up in this movie multiple times... though we're watching it in class so that's a little weird. Good thing the lights are off? 
~ Coming home to find weird new chocolate cereal, animal crackers, and $0.39 reduced apple juice. Thanks for the impulse buys parents!

I need a litttttttttle help.
For my senior project, I (Kay) am directing a 5th grade Honour Choir and I don't know what music to have them learn&sing. if any of you have a suggestion comment or send an email? (kay.tea.5elephants@gmail.com)

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