Our love of cups

 Kay's awesome nails
 ...and lipstick print
 This is what it does to us...
Okay, we admit it. We love Starbucks. We're not just talking about the drinks, its the whole experience. The warmth, all the little treats in their glass cases, the smell, the lighting, the comfy chairs in the corner. We even have our orders memorized (Kay - Grande Hot Chocolate with 2 vanilla pumps, Tea - Tall Caramel Apple Spice or Grande Vanilla Bean Frappachino with Caramel Sauce). We were taking a little trip to Target with the Lil Sis, but on the way there decided against it and went to Starbucks instead! We heard about a camp meeting happening at 5:30, so we hung out in Starbucks for 20 minutes, taking pictures & drinking warm deliciousness, then scooted our booties over to the church building. We're not going to camp this year (boo) but we still love the whole planning/getting psyched thing! Plus we wanted to see some of our favourites and all the new YCLs :) We listened for a while then were asked to share our testimonies about camp and what it means to be a YCL. Gosh, this camp is going to be sooo good this year! Little jealous :) We couldn't stay long b/c Kay's daddy is going to Turkey and she was having Family Time, but it was awesome seeing everyone and hearing about what they've planned.

Starbucks + bestfriends + favourites + family = A Friday well spent 

Miss Kay wears: Jacket - Target Shirt - Target  Jeans -  JcPenny's Shoes - Target Headband - DIY
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Uniqlo Romper - Old Navy Socks - Target Boots - Target 

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