A little note to New Years Eve

Dear New Years Eve,

Let's get real here.
I was not excited for you one little bit.
Dancing in a gym with a bunch of sweaty teenagers I don't really know was not my idea of amazing.
Neither was ice skating. 
(We all know I'm too uncoordinated for that.)
I would have much rather curled up with my new manpants 
and watched reruns of "Friends" to bring in the New Year.
I wanted to mope because my pretty bestfriend/sister left me here
while she goes off on a whole new adventure (college) without me.**
I wanted to eat a super delicious leftover burrito from Taco del Mar
that was calling my name from the fridge.
But I didn't.
I went to the dance.
And I watched people ice skate (and stressed as they fell)
And I moped in public instead of on my couch.
I am a little pathetic sometimes, I know.
But don't worry New Year's Eve, you weren't completely horrible!
I loved screaming along to Are You Gonna Be My Girl with Chile.
And I loved eating about a million Fruit Roll Ups.
And I loved when the countdown began.
And the balloons fell.
And we yelled and screamed and hugged.
I loved welcoming in the New Year with my friends.
So thankyou :)

Much Love, Tea xx
**The awesomeness of my seester and my seperation anxiety when she left is going to have it's own post sometime in the future. Stay tuned.