Gettin' to know you (pt 2)

Hi, I'm Kay.I love Oldies Music. (the 40's to the 60's mostly).
And Jazz. Holy Moley.
I'm a little  lot crazy.
I prefer to dance in the rain,
rather than just watch it (but that is nice too!)
I love to read, if I can focus long enough to remember what book I'm reading.
With that being said I am a MAJOR procrastinator.
As of June 7th I will be 18.
Tea and I are two days apart (she's older, I'm taller)

I've never been out of the country.
This is changing for my Choir tour
(we're going to Vancouver B.C.)

I listen to my iPod and (pretend to sing) in the bathroom.
I day dream a whoooole lot.
Especially when class is boring.
Or I just sleep. I'll sleep anywhere.
I would love to live in Paris in the Twenties (yes, just like Midnight in Paris)
And will more than likely be a flapper girl for Halloween.
I reaaaallly like to eat funeral potoatoes, but not at funerals.
I have a crazy family.
We were in a car accident 2 years ago that helped us be nicer to eachother
(Don't worry. The worst of it was scraches/scrapes & Mum had wiplash in her neck)
I will one day go to Ireland & Paris & London. But especially Ireland.
I cannot wait to be an adult, yet I long to hold onto childhood.

I will miss Tea when she goes off to college next year
While I am here (I am staying home & working)
I LOVE the scriptures.
I finished the Book of Mormon for the FIRST TIME!
I am almost done with personal progress.

My favourite movie is What Dreams May Come.
I Love Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley... \

the list goes on.
I like to sew.
but I pretend I know what I am doing.
I would like to say I'm super crafty,
when I only do a quarter of the things I think of.
I also like to spell things with 'u's. even though I am American.
I like to laugh, and laugh a lot a shall.
Star Wars= Best movies EVER
If you have any questions,
don't be afraid to ask.
So, hello. I am a nut.
Thanks for reading our blog (:

Xx Kay

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