Toy Story ruined my life...

For those who haven't seen Toy Story (where have you been??) here is a quick synopsis:
Toys are alive and rule the Room while the kids are gone.
New, Cooler toy is introduced.
Favourite Toy is jealous.
Favourite gets replaced by new Toy
Mayhem ensues
Everything is resolved and Favourite Toy & New Toy become BFFs.

Since I grew up with this movie, I grew up with the thought that all inanimate objects have feelings.So it was with a very very sad heart that I sold my poor Nikon D70s for a Canon T1i.
I felt horrible. Like I was selling my baby.

Nikon, you've been good to me. In the words of my father, I hope you go to a nice new home where the people will love and appreciate you. xx

  Ironic that I took these pictures with my new camera? I think yes. I try not to dwell on it...

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