She's my hero

Its my pretty mama's birthday today!
And she's practically perfect in every way :)

Age 18. Basically a heartbreaker.
Isn't she cute?
Like I said, heartbreaker...
Paris 2010
I love it when she sings along to the radio.
And when we dance together in the kitchen.
And when she says I'm her favourite
(although we all know she doesn't pick favourites)
I love that she pretends to be gangster sometimes.
And makes up funny nicknames for me.
And when we have tickle fights.
At the dinner table.
Or read books in her bed.
I especially love when we find something that's not funny at all.
But we laugh so hard we cry.
And that my Grammie says I'm exactly like her
Because there's no one else I'd rather be :)

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