Little Update

No make up December has been interesting thus far.
At first I was all for it, and then I thought "oh, I don't need to do this anymore, I know that I am beautiful"(a day or two into it)  And this is exactly the reason I am doing it. I was focusing on the fact that I know I am cute. The whole point of this was to focus on my inner beauty and show that confidence I have in it (or gain confidence). And it has been working!! I even didn't wear make up to a dance this last weekend! (uhh, kind of weird/really nice). I have been able to focus on the relationships I have with my friends, and worry less about if my mascara was smearing cause I was laughnig so hard I cry. Do you know how wonderful it is to be able to rub your eyes in the middle of the day without worrying about messing up your make up? It is so great! Plus, I get ready faster in the morning (:

Basically, it is way worth it. And I have already learned a ton about myself and I still have a little over 2 weeks!


Xx Kay

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