I want to brag...

About my wonderful friend Sir Scarlet Raptor. He would be terribly embarrassed if he read this, but I am going to risk it. He is such a gentleman! It is wonderful! I was at my seminary class Christmas party where we watched the original Miracle on 34th St. Which was pretty good! And afterward, I was in my car getting ready to go de-ice it with my massive ice scraper when Sir Scarlet Raptor came up and told me that i could back out of the driveway before him, and then I told him of my plan of de-icing and he whipped out his YMCA membership card and helped me! It was rather funny to be quiet honest, but still. This is just one example of how he is a gentleman and a wonderful friend.

So thank you Sir Scarlet Raptor for going out of your way to be a gentleman!

So I am done bragging about my friend.

So, while I am writing this post (it is about 10:40PM) I thought I would share this link. This girl Miss Sophia Mayrhofer has the cutest style! Here is the link to her lookbook and to her blog (which is about her travels etc.)

okay, enough for tonight!

Xx Kay


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