Have a Very Merry New Years!

So I hope everyone has a fantastic new years! We'll be partying it up with mine and a few other stakes in the area.

So a few things for your partying:
1. Nails: You gotta go either major sparkles, marble ( maybe with sparkles AND metallic?) or metallic. Fo Sho.

via (after you go to this link in the upper right hand corner is another link to take off sparkly nail polish!!)


2. Cloths: Okay so I personally am wearing the same shirt I wore last year (and I don't feel like finding something else) But sequins are generally a good way to go! Sadly, all of the sparkley dresses I found on pinterest are immodest :/ most modest one I found.

Mkay, that is all. I'll be sporting gold&silver nails, a grey tank top with sweater over it and skinny jeans and flats (: will put up pictures later

Have a most wonderful New Years!

XX Kay
P.s. I don't believe in New Years Resolutions (;

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