An Ode to a Bestfriend

"Your family's rad,
and I wish that they were here today,
but they're thousands and thousands of miles away..."
-"Two Weeks in Hawaii" Hellogoodbye

 (totally stolen from Facebook)

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl with hair the colour and consistency of Ramen Noodles.
This girl was a shining light to anyone and everyone she came across. She couldn't help it!
People were just drawn to her like moths to a flame.
She happened into our lives one day, the girl with the hair.
She introduced to us her light and her love, and we were smitten.
She taught us new pet names and how to really dance.
She always had a song in her heart, and a smile that was so contagious you were instantly infected.
We began to wonder how we had ever functioned without her!
But as suddenly as she had come into our lives, she was gone.
Off to bless others in her new home of Hawaii.
And though our hearts are aching a little without her, we know that she will always be there for us.
No matter what.
We wish we could be greedy and keep her here with us forever, but we know we can't.
She has worked her magic with us, and now she is needed to spread it elsewhere.
A light like hers can't be contained.
This gorgeous girl is meant for great things :)

Today we are so so so thankful for our friendship with Megy, and we know that oceans can't compare to eternity ;)
Good luck in your new home pretty girl! x 

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