Its getting chilly. And I don't mean the kind you eat.

(^^From the 5 year old I babysit. Adorable.)

It was cold today! Legit cold. Like, upper 40's cold.
But we're totally cool with this (haha, get it?)
Becauseeeee it means we can get all cozy in our coats. 
And frolic in the leaves till our cheeks are red and we can't feel our toes.
Then go inside and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate.
And read good books in front of a fire
Or watch Once Upon A Time.
With comfy blankets.

Tea... Taking the SAT for the very last time! Woot woot.
Kay... Pad Thai. Super delicioso :) 

Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Target Jeans - Hollister Cardigan - Thrifted Boots - Target
Miss Kay wears: Shirt - Borrowed Jeans - F21 Cardigan - Old Navy Scarf - H&M Shoes - Target 

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