It feels like home to me

I've always considered Orem, Utah, my second home.
Always. No matter where I've lived. 
I love the moment when I walk into my old house and I breathe in the familiar air.
I always know that around this time of year, Christmas music will be drifting softly through each room.
Grandpa will be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.
Or maybe on the couch reading the latest Ensign.
Grandma will be doing a puzzle.
Or quilting.
Or baking cookies.
Little cousins are underfoot.
And older cousins are too.
The girls gossip in the lounge room.
While the boys play basketball.
And you feel so snuggly you could burst.
This is home :) 


  1. Thanks for the lovely memories of my Thanksgiving times in Utah. Just relived it all through the photos, and almost felt I was there.....really wished I had been. Oh well, can't have everything we desire, can we???
    Many thanks Tay and thinking of you and your family.
    Congrats on your blog....I check it all the time now to find out what is happening with you all.
    XXXXXXX Grammie Joan loves you all

  2. Woah Taylie! Your photography skillz are improving nicely :)