How to make Blah Brownies...

Mi Hermanaaaa :) I shared brownie batter, she shared her computer... win-win
Once upon a time at EFY, we were taught about Angry cookies by our amazing session director (shout out to Bro Grossen!) and now I'm going to share this important life lesson with you :)

You know those days when you are so so mad you just want to scream into a pillow? That's when you know it's time to bake some cookies. You come home, slam the door, rip out your best cookie recipe and get to work. You slap in the flour, the sugar, the butter, and turn your Kitchen Aid onto hyper speed. Next you stomp around the kitchen, pushing your anger all the way to your toes, and drag your next victims to the bowl. Milk, vanilla and chocolate chips are all chucked into the frenzy without mercy. You're still fuming as you beat in the eggs - literally, beat them. Soon you are clenching little balls of dough in your fists before shoving them onto a cookie sheet and subject them to the heat of the oven. All the while, you are still mad. While waiting for the cookies to bake, you hop on Facebook and peruse the statuses, many of which may seem like a narration of your day. As soon as the timer is off, you pull out the cookies and angrily put them on paper plates. You suffocate your angry cookies under glad wrap, then proceed to the houses of those who have also had a crummy day (you know these people from the above mentioned Facebook Stalking). You knock on each door and then... You see their faces. And how they light up at the sight of you with your cookies. You just made their day a little bit better, which in turn made your day better too :)

Now that you know the background story of Angry Cookies, you will understand the real purpose of this post: Blah Brownies. Blah Brownies are for making when you come home and you're no longer angry. You're just frustrated. And tired of being mad. And maybe a little bit sad too... They're for those not-so-good days. And they're definitely best if shared.

NOTE: The ideal way to make Blah Brownies is from scratch. Don't cheat yourself of the whole process by just buying a box mix! The actual making of the brownies can also cheer you up :)

Mentally sending you all Blah Brownies to brighten your day :)
Much love xx

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