The grass in Washington is the only thing that isn't green

I don't understand it. The trees are green.... the plants are green... the people are green (as in, eco-friendly)... and the grass is brown. Our poor school is just a big brown mess. I think they should just give up and concrete everything since no one goes outside anyways, but I guess its good that they're trying? Anyways.... Its Day Two of No Pants week! We are loving it so far :) These photos were quickly snapped after school as Kay rushed to take siblings/friends home and I went to bake Blackberry Crisp, so they're a little painful to look at... But awkward is what we do best, so I guess it suits this blog :)

 I don't know why we keep doing thumbs up... Its become "A Thing"

Miss Tea wears: Shirt - H&M Vest - Thrifted Skirt - F21 Tights (They're spotty but you can't tell) - F21 Shoes - Zara
Miss Kay wears: Shirt - Target Skirt - Thrifted  Cardigan - F21 Shoes - Target Belt - Thrifted

Again, we would LOVE to hear about your pant-less adventures ;) Hope you're having a wonderful week! We heart you 5 elephants xx

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  1. if only i had enough skirts to wear all the time! love the blog (: