Once upon a time, I was grounded...

Hello again! Sorry for the brief hiatus, I was grounded :/ (we won't go into details) The week turned out alright though! Here are "The Stats" on my house arrest, inspired by Maddy's list over at All Kinds of Lovely:

Number of times I tanned on the roof: 2
Number of sunburn "cures" tried due to said tanning: 3
Number of BBQ dinners eaten: 4 (this is not a joke.)
Number of times Pandora played Bulletproof by La Roux: 8
Number of pints of ice cream consumed: 3
Number of books read: 7
Number of clothing items fixed/refashioned/made: 4
Number of times I locked myself out: 1
Number of movies watched: 5 (Beastly, Burlesque, Dear John, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, Julie & Julia)
Number of poached eggs eaten (inspired by Julie & Julia): 1
Number of days I wore the same clothes: 3
Number of texts recieved while my phone was under parental lockdown: 39

And of course, the best for last:

Number of secret strawberry/love note deliveries by my beautiful friends : 1
(if you knew my immense love for strawberries, you'd understand how amazing this was!)

It was fun being disconnected for a bit, but I'm glad this little stint is over...
I've missed you 5 elephants and i'm definitely glad to be back (:

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