A glimpse into summer

 "June, July, August? Meh. I am in a world of  bodywash, avocados, and bumble bees." 
Eating breakfast outside. Wearing skirts. Adventures. Ben & Jerry's. Smoothies. Strawberries. Goofing off with friends. Apples to Apples. Laying in the grass. Sunshine. Siblings. Concerts in the park. Orange juice in mason jars. Eating dinner outside. Just a little peak into what summer looks like for us recently...

Gosh, too many pictures again, sorry :/ Anyways, i hope you've been having as much fun as we are! Love ya x.

Miss Kay wears: Shirt - Target Skirt - Refashioned Bow - Handmade Shoes - Famous Footwear Bag - Target Sunglasses - Target


  1. I love your photos! It is all so cute! I am jealous of your awesome camera!

  2. Yummy food. You both are so beautiful!
    Don't ever stop blogging!

  3. i cannot wait for you to take more pictures like this... in the summer.... gyuipghruq;h!!!