A few things...

So, I realized something very improtant. Taking pictures of yourself is very hard with a not-to-great camera. But I also realized that I cannot find my families nice digital camera. So I have to use the not-to-great camera. Third thing was that I need to embrace what I have. (: SO here are some pictures taken with said camera. (FYI these turned out way nicer than usual... I may have to see whats goin' on.. (; )

Pillow case before ^ (Yes that is my foot...
and yes, it is on my bed) Pillowcase After (yeahh its a little wrinkled) ^

And random bit. Here are some bows I have made. I wear one just about everyday. I wore the little crazy looking one today)

I hope everyone has and will continue to have a fantastic day!
I love you five elephants,
Kay (:

P.S. I think over the summer Tea and I will just have to get together and take pictures. (And I will one day show you all what the skirt looks like ON. Cause it is super cute)

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